There has become this mistrust among police officers and prosecutors in the past ten years. The police officers feel the prosecutor is lazy and disinterested, and the prosecutor feels the police officer hasn't put the case together sufficiently for it to be prosecuted. I know this statement is "beating a dead horse," but there must be a connection; a trust in order to accomplish the goal. The goal is successful prosecution of the gang member and a conviction to keep them off the streets. Ego's must be set aside, and both sides have to listen to each other. Police Officers must have a pristine file; a file that if read by anyone gives all of the information the prosecutor is looking for. When I was with the Prince George's County (MD) Police Departments Gang Unit, there were several prosecutors I sought out, because we developed a working bond. I knew what they were looking for, and they knew what I would provide to make the case.

Former Prince George's Assistant State's Attorney Anthony Mayo provided some key elements in a successful gang prosecution.